What Does An Emotionally Healthy Relationship Look like?

In this episode, you'll learn how childhood trauma impacts our ability to engage with people and how it holds us back from truly having the life and love that we dream of. Riana shares 10 childhood traumas that sabotage us in life, love, relationships, and business.


Riana Milne MA is a Certified, Global Life & Trauma Recovery Coach, a Certified Clinical Trauma Addictions Professional & a Certified Mindfulness Coach. She is also the host of her podcast, Lessons in Life & Love, and a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor. Riana is the author of 'Love Beyond Your Dreams - Break Free from Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve' available from Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Riana-Milne/e/B00J7CCT3I%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

Website: https://RianaMilne.com

Podcast: https://LessoninLifeandLove.com

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RianaMilne

Episode Transcription:

[00:00:00] WENDY: i everybody. And welcome to another episode of...

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3 Easy Tips to Rebuilding Your Confidence After Divorce

The best way to start on your divorce recovery path to regain confidence and self-esteem is to start focusing on and get connected to the things that have value to you and fill your cup.

And it is easier than you think! In this episode, I am going to share 3 tips on how to start on your path to rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem because it isn't as hard as you think! In fact, it is easy once you start. So let's get you moving and building that muscle today!




[00:00:00] Hello everybody. And welcome to another episode of the divorced women's guide podcast. I am so excited to be here with you guys today to talk about how it is that you get to start thinking about reinventing yourself. And in that process, rebuilding your confidence. And I know that so many of us lose so much self-esteem and.

[00:00:30] It's normal. I'm here to say that it is completely normal and you are not alone. So I'm always asked the question, why do you, how am I going...

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How to Stop Feeling Financially Trapped in Your Relationship with Stacy Francis

Are you holding back on deciding on a divorce because you're afraid of what financial independence might look like?

Financial expert Stacy Francis has a passion for helping women who feel financially trapped in relationships and has powerful advice to help assess and make financial decisions throughout the divorce process.

In this episode, Stacy and I discuss the common financial mistakes women make when transitioning out of a relationship and the key things everyone needs to know about finances before, during, and after divorce. We'll also share resources to help you feel empowered and ready to take the first step to create your long-term plan for financial stability.

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

  • Take the fear out of your financial future

Stacy shares her best tips for assessing your current financial situation and things to consider when creating a plan for moving forward

  • Learn how money impacts the decisions we make

Financial assets influence more...

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Why You Need a Post-Divorce Morning Routine to Heal

Does your morning routine set you up for the rest of your day?

It's natural to feel rushed and overwhelmed in the mornings, especially while transitioning out of relationships or going through hardship. However, you might blame that overwhelming feeling on being "busy" or not being a "morning person" might be lifted by empowering yourself to create a customized morning routine.

In this episode, I'm breaking down my morning routine and how it has positively impacted my life. We'll discuss the core components of a routine and how making a commitment to change the first few hours of your day can improve your mental and physical health.  

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Stop feeling scrambled in the morning

Listen to how I broke my routine into individual parts to set intentions around my time.

Learn how to embrace silence

Understand the benefits of sitting in silence and learn how the practice helps you focus on what you want most.

Set the tone for how you...

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Unlocking Intimacy Blocks with Melanie Hersch

Did you know there are unconscious patterns that are preventing you from having the love you want?

Melanie Hersch is a psychotherapist-turned-dating-coach that understands the power of limiting beliefs and how they can stop you from connecting authentically and attracting the kind of relationships you desire.

In this episode, Melanie and I define the most common limiting beliefs that are blocking your intimacy and how to identify and heal your own subconscious beliefs that are holding you back. We'll explore what intimacy means, why women struggle with creating intimacy in any relationship, and why getting uncomfortable is necessary for growth. 

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn how to identify limiting beliefs

Understand the definition of a limiting belief and how they show up in your daily thoughts and actions.

Identify the difference between compatibility and intimacy

While working together on an external level is important to any relationship, learn...

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5 Secrets to Listen, Not React & Be Heard

Having good communication starts with the ability to listen.

When it comes to speaking with our exes, it’s easy to slip into fear-based thinking that leaves all parties feeling frustrated and unheard.

 In this episode, I’m breaking down the top five ways conscious listening can help you build stronger communication with your ex and improve your confidence and mindset when it comes to making your own needs known. We’ll explore how fear impacts our ability to listen, how to identify when you’ve stopped listening, and when nonverbal communication skills are critical to understanding. 

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

  • Identify when you’re ready to start listening to your ex
    • Many factors contribute to poor communication during the divorce. Learn how past events leave us feeling hurt, angry, or resentful, and how those feelings impact our ability to communicate today.
  • Understand how listening can improve your relationship
    • ...
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Healing and the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

Does processing your divorce feel like you’re constantly navigating life in the dark?

Often after a divorce when we seek out ways to start the healing process, it can feel like no one understands. That feeling leaves people thinking that if there are no options out there to heal from the experience we weren’t meant to heal at all, and Elizabeth Cohen is here to help.

In this episode, author, psychologist, and community creator Elizabeth Cohen shares the lessons she learned after dealing with her own divorce from her ex-husband due to substance abuse. We discuss everything from the fear and judgment that comes with telling your story to others to flipping the script and shining the spotlight back on yourself. If you’re feeling lost and unfocused while on the road to healing from divorce, you should listen to this episode.

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn how to recognize and correct your inner dialogue

The stories of our past derail our...

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Key Things to Ask Yourself Before You Start Co-Parenting

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

Does the idea of working with your ex to establish a co-parenting schedule fill you with dread?

Dealing with divorce while nurturing and raising children can be complicated. It requires patience, compassion, and open communication in order to create the stability children need.

Understanding how to communicate with your ex about issues regarding your children includes establishing boundaries and taking responsibility for your part in the divorce as well as your contribution to the co-parenting partnership.

In this episode, I’m sharing the most important things you should consider when entering into a co-parenting relationship and the key things you need to know in order to manage your expectations of your co-parenting team.


Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn how to avoid bringing pain into your co-parenting relationship

Understand how you can avoid bringing past experiences with your ex into your current co-parenting situation and keep the...

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How Community Helps You Heal Post-Divorce with Daniel Herrold

Do you feel isolated and in need of connection after divorce? You’re definitely not alone.

Choosing who we spend time with after divorce is an intentional choice that requires us to first look at what we truly want and how we want to spend our time. 

In this episode, Divorced Over 40 creator Daniel Herrold shares his journey to creating a community for divorced individuals. During this conversation, we dive into the importance of connection and why so many people start dating too soon after divorce when what they’re truly looking for is a tribe.


Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn the impact of community on your emotional recovery

During this interview Daniel shares the moment he realized the importance of community and how those connections helped him do the emotional work of divorce.

Understand how the divorce process differs between women and men

Daniel discusses how men process emotional needs post-divorce and we explore how...

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Are You Recently Divorced? 10 Reasons You're Not Alone

Have you ever watched a movie montage with a recently divorced woman and wondered why you couldn’t be more like the leading lady and just buy a new outfit and get over it?

Hollywood, the media, and American culture make it seem like divorce is a linear process, but if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now, you know things aren’t that simple.

 There are several uncomfortable truths that we as a society need to face about the process of divorce, including the fact that it is a process and there is no “right” amount of time to go through each stage.

In this episode, I’m revealing 10 ways that divorce can impact your life, relationships, and mindset. I’m diving into everything from finding the right support system to letting go of friendships that no longer serve you. If you’ve asked yourself more than once “is this normal?” this podcast episode is for you.



Three Things You’ll Love...

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