I Left My Marriage With Nothing & It Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me w/Sonia Queralt

podcast Jun 24, 2020

Living in an unhappy marriage and going through the process of divorce can feel like a constant internal tug-of-war, filled with guilt, regret and feelings of failure. The truth is, divorce is brutal and life changing and there is just no way around that. 


But that doesn’t mean that being divorced is worse than staying in your marriage. Divorce doesn’t have to just be something you can survive. It can be the launching pad for the life you really want, and the catalyst for your incredible next chapter. 


Divorce has its inevitable hard moments, but it’s worth fighting for your happiness, finding your inner voice and balance again. But to get there, we’re going to need to go through guilt and the reactions of our loved ones. 


How can we avoid getting caught up in a downward spiral of guilt and shame? How do we deal with the reactions of our loved ones? In this episode, divorce litigator, divorce survivor and co-founder of Divorceify, Sonia Queralt talks about living in a miserable marriage, walking away from everything and building a new life that brings her joy. 



3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 


How it feels being in an unhappy marriage 

Being in a miserable marriage is lonely and isolating and we end up feeling like we’re living a double life; one life internally where we’re in pain and anguish and a whole other life we’re trying to portray outward. We carry the weight of pretending everything is great because we’re under so much pressure to portray the perfect marriage and family. 


Why our families and friends can make it harder to go through divorce 

When we start the process of getting a divorce, we shift from the loneliness of being in a bad marriage to the guilt and shame of having to tell our families. Sometimes our friends and families can keep us stuck in a bad marriage because of their judgment. Remember their judgment is a reflection of their discomfort with the situation, and them trying to fix it for us.


How to avoid the guilt and regret spiral 

After a divorce, we can start to feel regretful that we didn’t get out of an unhappy marriage sooner. This shouldn’t be our focus though because it robs us of our joy and being able to actually enjoy this new chapter. Remember, what matters is that you were brave enough to take the step into your new chapter. 


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