How to Choose Inner Peace When Your World is Rocked by Upheaval

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2020

When we’re going through divorce, the emotional upheaval can be so distressing and unsettling that inner peace seems impossible. With everything going on in the world, is it even possible to lead a peaceful life? 

Yes. It absolutely is! 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that we can’t always control what’s happening around us, but we do have the power to choose how it affects us. Peace doesn’t mean the absence of challenges. It’s the ability to choose tranquility by controlling our emotional and mental state. 

When we have peace, it impacts the filter we see the world through, it changes the stories we tell ourselves, and it releases our attachment to the past and the future so we can live in the present. 

What are some of the things that hold us back from inner peace? How can we become neutral towards the things that happen to us, and why is that a strength, not a weakness? In this episode, I discuss why inner peace is in our control and how it helps us through challenging seasons in our lives. 


3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode

  • Why it’s important to focus on the journey, not the destination
    Our society focuses on the destination. That means we’re always waiting for something big to happen to us which makes it hard for us to live in the present. Don’t wait to find joy when you reach your end goal. There are going to be small wins, breakthroughs, and milestones. We need to celebrate them because they matter. 

  • How we find peace by becoming neutral 
    Peace means maintaining internal neutrality, observing what’s happening around us without reacting or attaching meaning to it. It’s a state where no external force can impact us internally, because we have achieved internal equilibrium and centered ourselves. 

  • How to create your own inner peace
    Inner peace doesn’t just happen, it’s a decision we have to make for ourselves to release our attachment to the past and the outcome. We need to take responsibility for who we choose to be and the actions we take. If we can dig deep from within, and do some honest self-reflection, we can combat the things that try to disrupt our inner peace. 


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