How The Better Apart Method Can Help You Heal in Divorce w/Gabrielle Hartley

podcast May 13, 2020

The portrayal of divorce in the media doesn’t put people going through a split on a healthy or healing path. An acrimonious and bitter divorce does not create the inner narratives that bring emotional freedom or the legacy we want to give our children. 


We require a space for patience and positivity, a process that will improve our lives going forward. This is where the Better Apart Method comes in. 


What steps do we need to take to heal and live more wholeheartedly after a divorce? How do mantras envelope our thinking and change our way of being? How do we grieve our marriages in a constructive way? 


In this episode, I’m joined by divorce lawyer mediator, author, speaker and founder of the Better Apart Method, Gabrielle Hartley. She talks about a different approach to divorce, and why it’s changing lives.


3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 


  • How to go from reacting in a heightened state to responding from a thoughtful and neutral place 
  • Gabrielle’s process for creating a shift in our narratives to get ourselves on the right track
  • An insight into the difference between a broken home and a transformed home



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