Rebuilding Your Finances After Divorce w/Hirsch Serman

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2021

We often hear about the toll divorce takes on our emotions, but it’s also a financially costly exercise, and one we need to be prepared for ahead of time. 

Thinking about life after divorce is tough while we’re in the thick of it, but we have to remember that this is the start of a new chapter. We have to start making financial decisions our future selves will benefit from. 

What do those decisions look like, and how can we get better at making them? Where does the new divorcee with no experience looking through finances even begin?

In this episode, Founder of Lifecycle Financial, Hirsch Serman shares how to keep finances stable during and after divorce. 

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Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode 

  • How to set ourselves up for a more advantageous place, post-divorce
    The best time to start thinking about our finances is before the divorce is finalized. Start looking at which spending could be reduced to fit the future financial situation prior to signing any papers.
  • The questions we should ask ourselves before making financial decisions
    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying something new, but sometimes splurging isn’t the best choice. Before committing to a big purchase, think about whether our future selves would be impressed or frustrated with our decision. 
  • How to look at the marital home from a more financially savvy perspective
    It’s tough walking away from a marital home because we associate so many memories with them. However, sometimes it’s helpful to remember that not all the memories are happy ones, and finding a new home could be a fresh start we can afford


Guest Bio - 

Hirsch Serman is a financial coach and CPA. He founded Lifecycle Financial, LLC through his personal experiences related to divorce and having an aging parent. Through his divorce, Hirsch saw many people struggling through the financial aspect of their lives. Since then, he has devoted his career to helping those struggling through divorce and other life cycles to achieve financial wellness and empowerment. Hirsch has been featured on a number of media outlets, including,, The Divorce Coaching Hour, Going Solo Network and Memphis Business Journal, and is the host of the Financial Wellness Radio Show


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