Why Our Goals Need Intentions Behind Them

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2021

When we step into a new year, we all have a renewed focus on our goals and the things we want to accomplish. The challenge is, when we think about our goals, we miss out on the part that allows us to show up as our most empowered and confident selves, intention. 

If we want our goals to have a purpose, they have to be backed up by intention, by something other than an outcome or accomplishment. We need both goals and intentions so we can focus on what we want, but also so that we can enjoy the journey to that goal. 

What is the objective of an intention? How do we combine a goal and an intention so that we’re living in both our masculine and feminine energy? In this episode, I talk about the magical combination of goals and intentions. 

3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 

  • Masculine vs. feminine energy when it comes to our goals 
    A goal is about what we want to achieve and accomplish, it’s grounded in masculine energy. An intention is about how you want to feel, and what you want to experience. We shouldn’t just focus on what we want to achieve, we also have to think about the feeling we want to have whether or not we reach that goal. It’s about being present in our feminine energy. 

  • Why intentions are an important aspect of goal setting 
    If we set a goal without an intention, we create a situation where we won’t feel happy or empowered until we achieve that goal. Sometimes goals get in the way of the journey, of the joy, and the path of discovery. Setting intentions allows us to have the gift of mindfulness, which is important. 

  • Why focusing on intentions isn’t settling 
    Focusing on your intentions doesn’t mean you’re giving up on your goals, lessening your desire, or that you’re less than because you didn’t achieve. It just means you’re choosing to care about the process as much as the outcome. 

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