It’s OK Not to Be OK

podcast Apr 22, 2020

Sometimes it feels like society tells us that showing our pain is a sign of weakness, and this is especially true for people going through a divorce. 


We put pressure on ourselves to portray an image that we’re doing great even when we’re having a hard time. 


There is no template for how we should look or feel as we struggle through the pain of divorce, but the truth is, we will struggle with sadness, loneliness, doubt and fear. 


Part of my work is to take the shame and embarrassment out of divorce to allow and give permission for women to feel their pain without feeling weak. How do we cope with the hard days of divorce? How can we rediscover ourselves and also stop feeling ashamed of having those bad days? 


In this episode, I share how to navigate the emotions of divorce and reasons to appreciate this new season in your life. 


3 Things We Learned From This Episode


You are allowed to feel crappy as you go through a divorce 

As you go through divorce, you’re going to have different feelings from one day to the next. Sometimes you will feel good, other times you will feel sad, and this is normal. There’s no need to pretend that you are happier than you are. In fact, our healing comes from going through all these emotions. 


Being single can be really good for you

Being single doesn’t have to be a lesser experience than being in a relationship. In an uncoupled state, you can allow for growth, self-improvement, authenticity and joy. 


Get to know yourself on your own terms

Many women lose themselves in their marriages, divorce creates the opportunity to get reacquainted with yourself, and even discover new things about yourself. What you learn will set up a path to a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Need an opportunity to share your pain points and receive judgment-free support? Want to create a vision of a future after your divorce? Click here to schedule your Free Divorce Recovery Call.


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