The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go & Conquering Our Limiting Beliefs w/Jill Sherer Murray

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

When we leave something, whether it’s a place, a job, or a relationship, we aren’t just closing a chapter. We’re leaving a dream, an identity, and an enormous component of ourselves. 

But here’s the thing, leaving isn’t the same as letting go. People can leave a bad marriage and still cling to it mentally and emotionally. 

True healing happens when we have the courage to completely release the past, and listen to that inner truth that tells us we’re meant for better. The journey to letting go isn’t easy, but it is one worth taking. 

Once we leave our past in the rearview, and stop looking back at it, we can fully step into that new chapter and experience the gift divorce can be. 

How do we examine ourselves and determine what our inner voice is trying to tell us? What does moving on actually look like? In this episode, I’m joined by Jill Sherer Murray. She is a TEDx speaker, influencer, and author of the brilliant book, Big Wild Love: The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go. We discuss how to let go, especially after the end of a marriage, and what we can look forward to when we release the past.


3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode

  • Why we struggle to let go 
    As human beings, every choice we make comes down to safety and avoiding perceived danger. Even when a relationship is bad for us, we get used to it and it gives us safety. Leaving that situation and letting go feels like a loss of safety, and that’s what makes letting go so difficult. It’s natural to have those moments of fear and doubt, even when letting go is the right thing.

  • How to own the power we have when we let go
    The fear of letting go stems from a fear of the unknown. When we leave something familiar that we’ve known a long time, it’s like jumping off a cliff thinking we don’t have a safety net. Instead of waiting for external safety, we have to trust that we’re strong enough to be our own safety net and catch ourselves. 

  • The process of overcoming limiting beliefs 
    Limiting beliefs are a sign that we fully haven’t let go of something in our past. Before we can dispel them, we have to become aware of them. Once we know them, we can revise and eliminate them so that our beliefs start working for us, not against us. We can turn limiting beliefs into epiphanies by becoming woke to ourselves.


Guest Bio

Jill Sherer Murray is a TEDx speaker and influencer, author, blogger, coach, and founder of Let Go For It®, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping individuals let go for a better life and businesses let go for better communications. She is also an award-winning journalist and communications leader who can trace practically every success she’s had in her career, love life, and more to letting go. Her TEDx talk, “The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go” has been viewed by millions of people. She wrote her new best-selling book, Big Wild Love: The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go in response to many people who’ve reached out to her for help and inspiration after seeing her TEDx Talk and appearances in various media and podcasts. Jill spent a year studying improvisation comedy at the famous Second City Training Center in Chicago, and another five years writing a popular blog called “Diary of a Writer in Mid-Life Crisis” for the Wild River Review magazine. She also let go of just about everything to put her weight in Shape Magazine—12 times—as part of a year-long assignment to document her weight loss journey for millions of readers. 


You can learn more about her at Follow her at @letgoforit on Facebook and Instagram, and Jill Sherer Murray on LinkedIn.


Buy Jill’s book Big Wild Love: The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go here


Watch Jill’s TEDx talk here.  


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