Advice for the Hard Days: Experiencing the Milestones of Life After Your Divorce

podcast Jun 17, 2020

Whether you wanted your divorce, saw it coming or not, life after splitting up won’t look the same as before. You’ll feel this especially and significantly when you have to experience your first big milestone post-divorce. For me it was my son’s graduation. 


Leading up to it, there were so many raging emotions that made me dread the day. 


Then I realized that I was allowing my past to dictate my present. I was letting anger and fear control me. We always have the power to choose what to do. How do we handle milestones within our new reality? What does moving on after divorce actually look like? How can we start to come from love and compassion instead of fear and anger towards our ex? 


In this episode, I talk about an important lesson I learned as I experienced a challenging post-divorce day.


3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 


How to cut your emotional tether to your ex

When we are constantly triggered by everything our ex does or says, it shows that we are still tethered to them, and that they have a hold on us.  Start creating your own lens and your own status, cut the cord and release yourself from them. This is how we can successfully reestablish our own identity outside of my marriage, relationship status or our ex. 


Why anger is a trap 

Continuing to be angry and replaying all the negative things in your mind takes away your power, and puts your focus on the wrong things. It also means that your ex wins because they control you. 


The power of acceptance 

Accepting where you are doesn’t mean giving up or resigning to the circumstances we’re facing. Acceptance allows us to get present to what is, and stop focusing on and experiencing the pain of what we think we lost.


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