Narcissism: The 3 Things That Drive A Narcissist

podcast May 06, 2020

Divorcing a narcissistic spouse has its own unique set of issues and emotions. If we’re not equipped to deal with them, the breaking up and co-parenting process can be incredibly frustrating, especially when we’ve woken up to who this person truly is. 


When narcissists realize that they are losing their pedestal status, we see another side of them, a side that’s actually triggered by fear. You see, a narcissist is terrified of what their identity means without the way we see them. 


What actually drives a narcissist’s behavior? How do we cope with their manipulation tactics? In this episode, I talk about how to avoid falling into the old patterns with a narcissist, and how to stand in our own power. 



3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 

  • The truth about narcissism and why a narcissist’s ego is their only protection they have from the world. 
  • How to overcome the manipulation of narcissists, and how they objectify people. 
  • How we can claim our space without falling into old dynamics with a narcissist ex. 



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