Finding Peace During Uncertainty

podcast Jun 10, 2020

One of the toughest challenges of going through a divorce is answering the question “what comes next”, and adjusting to the fear of not knowing the answer. 


The truth is we grow and find peace when we lean into the fear of the unknown instead of trying to actively avoid it and be in control all the time.  Surrendering is key. 


But that means we have to sit with our uncertainty, instead of clinging to how things used to be or how they should be. It’s okay to feel nervous and uncomfortable when everything is changing. The problem arises when we try to fight the fear. How do we come to peace with the unknowns that come with divorce?  


In this episode, I talk about how we can become more comfortable with uncertainty and maintain greater inner peace.  



3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 


The danger of telling ourselves stories when we feel uncertain 

When we feel uncertainty, many of us try to fill the holes in our minds with stories to help us make more sense of the world. But creating our own stories takes us further away from what helps us grow, which is total acceptance.  


Why we shouldn’t bury our emotions 

When you sit with your emotions by yourself for too long and you sit in your own head, you just start creating emotional repression. The longer we bury our emotions, the more these negative emotions grow. 


How to avoid loneliness 

Don’t lone wolf it, while there are things we can do ourselves, like meditating and journaling, we need support and accountability. Unfortunately, we are our own worst accountability partners and as we go through divorce recovery we need more than ourselves to heal.



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