How to Successfully Negotiate with a Narcissist w/Rebecca Zung

podcast May 27, 2020

Going through a divorce is a difficult process as it is, no matter the circumstances or the people involved. Dealing with a narcissistic former partner doesn’t make things any easier. 


A lot of the time, narcissists are determined to make the divorce process even harder than it needs to be, by withholding documents, filing a huge number of complaints and refusing to cooperate.


It can seem counterintuitive if we are trying to avoid conflict, but when it comes to divorcing a narcissist, the best thing we can do is be prepared for a fight. 


How can we negotiate with a narcissist and do we even stand a chance of winning? 


On this episode, top divorce attorney, bestselling author and media personality, Rebecca Zung shares how to negotiate with a narcissist and win!



3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 


How to identify different types of narcissists

Narcissist is a broadly-used term. We have to be able to distinguish the type of narcissist we’re dealing with: are they covert, grandiose or malignant? Knowing the difference can help us prepare to negotiate with them.


How to avoid getting sucked into the negativity of narcissism

We can be empathetic towards narcissistic former partners, but don’t make excuses for them. Having a bad childhood is devastating, but it doesn’t excuse mistreating others in adulthood.


What it takes to win against a narcissist 

One of the most crucial ways to win negotiations against a narcissist is by getting leverage over them, but don't be hung up on finding huge smoking guns. Most of the time, leverage is found in the tiny details.



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