Celebrate Your Strength & Your Future With a Divorce Ring w/Sara Duchovnay

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

Our society tends to stigmatize divorce and frame it as something to be ashamed of, but for those who left unhappy, toxic, and abusive marriages, divorce is actually empowering. It is a pivotal moment where we get to rediscover ourselves, own our power, and start designing the life we want. 

Divorce is a gift and something worth celebrating, and we can celebrate it with a special piece of jewelry, our very own divorce ring! 

By wearing a divorce ring, we have a symbol to remind us of the power our divorce brings us, and the incredible new journey we’re about to embark on. Like my guest, so many of us come out of marriages where we lost our financial independence. Her story shows us that it’s possible to reclaim our independence and make powerful decisions for ourselves and our future. 

Where did the idea for a divorce ring come from? Why is divorce jewelry becoming a phenomenon among divorced women? 

In this episode, I’m joined by opera singer and divorce jewelry curator, Sara Duchovnay. She shares how she reclaimed her power after her own divorce and turned her second passion into a business that helps divorced women symbolize their strength.

3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode

  • How to tell your divorce story your way 
    Many divorced women are uncomfortable saying the words “I am divorced” because there’s so much stigma and shame society attaches to it. We want a different way to express that our marriage ended and that we’re not ashamed about it, but that we want to actually celebrate it. A divorce ring is a way to communicate that and take the discomfort away. 

  • What it takes to move on from the financial identity we had in our marriages 
    Even if we came from a financially abusive marriage, or we’re afraid of losing our financial security in divorce, we have the ability to recover from financial hardship. It can be scary to rethink our financial life, but if our determination, strength, and power are stronger than our fear, we can have abundance after divorce. 

  • Why divorce is empowering and worth celebrating
    In unhappy, toxic, or abusive marriages, we put ourselves on the backburner and internalize all the terrible things our partners have said to and about us. We start feeling like we don’t deserve good things in our lives. Divorce wakes us up and reminds us that we are worthy of good things and that we deserve to do good things for ourselves too.


Guest Bio 

Sara is a professional opera singer who has turned her obsession with antique diamonds and estate fine jewelry into a dual career! The two sides of her professional life work together in perfect harmony; while performing major roles with opera companies around the country and traveling alongside her opera singing husband, Sara is able to source incredible heirloom pieces from all over the world. An unexpected but meaningful niche in her business is also “divorce rings”, special rings that women purchase for themselves to celebrate their strength and independence from unhappy and/or unhealthy marriages. This unexpected niche presented itself when Sara shared a photo of her own divorce ring that she purchased after leaving an emotionally abusive marriage. Many women were moved by her story of survival and felt inspired to buy their own. Sara is also an ambassador and educational facilitator with the One Love Foundation, a nonprofit that teaches young people about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships in an effort to end relationship abuse. She loves being a part of the healing process for her clients and helping them celebrate themselves.


Follow @songbirdsarajewelry on Instagram. For a Free 20-minute divorce jewelry consult, send an email to [email protected]


Shop Sara’s pieces at https://songbirdsaraantiquejewelry.com/ and use the promo code DIVORCE for free US shipping.  


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