podcast Jun 03, 2020


Healing from divorce is certainly not linear. You will have highs, lows and setbacks that trick you into believing that you’re regressing. It’s normal to crave an end to the challenges. 


But setbacks are actually necessary. They are an important part of your road to recovery, and the path to a bigger and better outcome. Ultimately, setbacks help us set up for a comeback!


In order to recover from the end of our marriage, we’re going to relive some of our hardest moments, but also get the chance to deal with all the emotions and repercussions so that we can step into the next chapter healed.


How do we change how we react and respond to setbacks? What steps can we take to make sure our process of dealing with divorce is not self-destructive? In this episode, I share how setbacks help us heal and how to come to terms with divorce in a healthy way. 


3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode 


Why you shouldn’t see your setbacks and failures 

When we get the chance to look back on our setbacks, we often find that they were relatively minor hiccups and humps in the road, in comparison to all the great things we accomplish. Even the most successful people experience setbacks and hurdles. 


How to empower yourself in the divorce process 

While we can’t change the fact that our marriage ended, we can choose to feel through it and move forward in a constructive way. We need to own what we control and that’s our own thoughts, behaviors and reactions. These things control how we process and heal from divorce more than the circumstances we find ourselves in. 


5 strategies to help you overcome your setbacks 

Setbacks are part of the process of unpacking everything that comes with the end of our marriage, so that we can get to the other side and build the life we want. We need to allow the focus to be recovery and healing, not the fallout of our marriage. Our focus should not be on emotions and thoughts of bitterness and anger.



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