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Uncategorized Aug 12, 2020

A lot of us think signing divorce papers will give us a sense of relief, but that isn’t always the case. Many women continue to feel a deep connection to their exes even after paperwork has been finalized. 

For women who have experienced this sensation, it’s more than missing a former spouse, it’s a deep, energetic pull. It’s a feeling of being bound to someone, even though we’re trying to move forward. 

During romantic relationships, we share DNA with another person and ultimately parts of our souls are taken on by our partners, creating a powerful bond. Once the relationship ends, is it possible to sever that connection for good?

ThetaHealing®️ is a meditation process that promotes healing in multiple areas of life, including long-standing connections between former spouses. In this episode, I share my experiences of ThetaHealing®️, as both a practitioner and a patient.



3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode

  • Why we keep feeling connected to our exes
    When we have intense emotional encounters with another person, we share soul fragments with them at the ‘history’ level. The energies at this level offer important learning experiences, so while they can be resolved, they’re rarely deleted entirely.

  • How ThetaHealing®️ heals long-lasting wounds
    ThetaHealing®️ uses focused thoughts and prayers to let us go into our subconscious minds where memories, sensations, beliefs, and attitudes are found. Once we enter a Theta state of mind, we have the power to change our realities instantly. 

  • How a ThetaHealing®️ session works 
    Before starting a session, we have to give permission to the practitioner to work with our energies. None of our beliefs, memories, or attitudes can be changed without our consent, and we decide what needs to be healed.


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