5 Steps to Rediscovering Yourself After Divorce w/Veronika Archer

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020

Bad relationships drain us of our happiness, purpose, and most of all, our best selves. When people leave an abusive or traumatic relationship, they may feel like strangers to themselves. So often, we find that we can’t recognize who we became in that situation, and it feels impossible to reconnect with ourselves. 

Divorce is a powerful catalyst for taking the journey to self-rediscovery. We get to make changes to our lives on our own terms, break out of the box we were in, and unlock all the amazing and unique things that make us who we are. 

I know it’s hard to see through the fog of fear and doubt after a marriage ends, but trust me. On the other side is more joy and authenticity than you could ever imagine.  

Why do bad relationships take so much from us? How can we start reclaiming ourselves after losing our identity? In this episode, I’m joined by coach and founder of the You Get To Be You This Time program, Veronika Archer. We talk about how she helps people reclaim themselves after a relationship, and her upcoming summit.


3 Things You’ll Love About This Episode

  • Why we shouldn’t have to change ourselves in the right relationship 
    When a relationship is traumatic, challenging, or makes us disconnect from who we are, we lose touch with ourselves. That’s because we start believing something is wrong with us. Part of our healing journey is realizing that who we are is already great, and that someone can and will love us for it. 

  • What holds people back from the process of rediscovering themselves
    Society puts us in boxes that require us to be more “normal” to fit in. When we do something that steps out of that box like getting a divorce, we often feel ashamed for not doing what’s deemed the right thing. When we start taking on other people’s projections of us, rather than seeing ourselves for who we really are, we lose ourselves. 

  • The power we have to create the life we want
    One of the most necessary steps we have to take is recognizing and accepting that the situation didn’t happen to us. Certain patterns made us create the relationship we had. The great thing is, if we created a bad situation, we also have the power to create a good, healthy, and fulfilling dynamic.


Guest Bio


Veronika Archer is the founder of the You Get To Be You This Time program where she works with people to break the cycle of traumatic relationships and create a life they love, even if they don’t believe it’s possible. She draws on her own life experiences of decades of emotional and psychological trauma, which she hadn’t even realized had occurred until her body fully shut down. After leaving her marriage of 16 years, she uncovered the hidden root causes and now lives a life with full physical health and joy! Using the tools she developed from years of research and trial and error, she now guides people to achieve this same success in creating a life, and love, where they get to be truly themselves. Veronika is committed to inclusivity in her practice and she is passionate about serving the LGBTQ community and people in alternative relationship structures. For more information, visit www.veronikaarcher.com


To sign up for Veronika’s free summit that I'll be speaking at, visit https://yougettobeyou.com/wendy


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