3 Easy Tips to Rebuilding Your Confidence After Divorce

The best way to start on your divorce recovery path to regain confidence and self-esteem is to start focusing on and get connected to the things that have value to you and fill your cup.

And it is easier than you think! In this episode, I am going to share 3 tips on how to start on your path to rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem because it isn't as hard as you think! In fact, it is easy once you start. So let's get you moving and building that muscle today!




[00:00:00] Hello everybody. And welcome to another episode of the divorced women's guide podcast. I am so excited to be here with you guys today to talk about how it is that you get to start thinking about reinventing yourself. And in that process, rebuilding your confidence. And I know that so many of us lose so much self-esteem and.

[00:00:30] It's normal. I'm here to say that it is completely normal and you are not alone. So I'm always asked the question, why do you, how am I going...

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5 Secrets to Listen, Not React & Be Heard

Having good communication starts with the ability to listen.

When it comes to speaking with our exes, it’s easy to slip into fear-based thinking that leaves all parties feeling frustrated and unheard.

 In this episode, I’m breaking down the top five ways conscious listening can help you build stronger communication with your ex and improve your confidence and mindset when it comes to making your own needs known. We’ll explore how fear impacts our ability to listen, how to identify when you’ve stopped listening, and when nonverbal communication skills are critical to understanding. 

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

  • Identify when you’re ready to start listening to your ex
    • Many factors contribute to poor communication during the divorce. Learn how past events leave us feeling hurt, angry, or resentful, and how those feelings impact our ability to communicate today.
  • Understand how listening can improve your relationship
    • ...
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Healing and the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

Does processing your divorce feel like you’re constantly navigating life in the dark?

Often after a divorce when we seek out ways to start the healing process, it can feel like no one understands. That feeling leaves people thinking that if there are no options out there to heal from the experience we weren’t meant to heal at all, and Elizabeth Cohen is here to help.

In this episode, author, psychologist, and community creator Elizabeth Cohen shares the lessons she learned after dealing with her own divorce from her ex-husband due to substance abuse. We discuss everything from the fear and judgment that comes with telling your story to others to flipping the script and shining the spotlight back on yourself. If you’re feeling lost and unfocused while on the road to healing from divorce, you should listen to this episode.

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn how to recognize and correct your inner dialogue

The stories of our past derail our...

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Are You Recently Divorced? 10 Reasons You're Not Alone

Have you ever watched a movie montage with a recently divorced woman and wondered why you couldn’t be more like the leading lady and just buy a new outfit and get over it?

Hollywood, the media, and American culture make it seem like divorce is a linear process, but if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now, you know things aren’t that simple.

 There are several uncomfortable truths that we as a society need to face about the process of divorce, including the fact that it is a process and there is no “right” amount of time to go through each stage.

In this episode, I’m revealing 10 ways that divorce can impact your life, relationships, and mindset. I’m diving into everything from finding the right support system to letting go of friendships that no longer serve you. If you’ve asked yourself more than once “is this normal?” this podcast episode is for you.



Three Things You’ll Love...

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