3 Easy Tips to Rebuilding Your Confidence After Divorce

The best way to start on your divorce recovery path to regain confidence and self-esteem is to start focusing on and get connected to the things that have value to you and fill your cup.

And it is easier than you think! In this episode, I am going to share 3 tips on how to start on your path to rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem because it isn't as hard as you think! In fact, it is easy once you start. So let's get you moving and building that muscle today!




[00:00:00] Hello everybody. And welcome to another episode of the divorced women's guide podcast. I am so excited to be here with you guys today to talk about how it is that you get to start thinking about reinventing yourself. And in that process, rebuilding your confidence. And I know that so many of us lose so much self-esteem and.

[00:00:30] It's normal. I'm here to say that it is completely normal and you are not alone. So I'm always asked the question, why do you, how am I going...

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