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Are you at your wits end communicating (or trying to) with your co-parent?

Do you feel worn down by constant conflict and disagreements?

Are your boundaries being stomped on?

This Expert-lead Summit IS FOR YOU!

You will learn HOW to communicate more effectively and efficiently, create healthy boundaries that are respected AND learn how to put your kids in the CENTER vs. the middle.

Experts will share their tips and wisdom on how to remain calm, stay consistent, and resolve conflicts to make joint custody work and enable your kids to thrive!

Guest Experts

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, April 13th:
"Co-Parenting with a High-Conflict Personality" with Kate Anthony, Founder, The Divorce Survival Guide
Wednesday, April 14th:
"How to Divorce Healthy with Collaboration and Mediation" with Ashley-Nicole Russell, Attorney & Author
Thursday, April 15th:
"How to Co-Parent During a High Conflict Divorce" with Ilyssa Panitz, Divorce Journalist
Friday, April16th:
"Creating a Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship" with Crystal Blanchette, Celebrity Chef & Author
Saturday, April 17th:
"Own Your Story: A Woman's Guide to Divorce and Landing on Your Feet" with Beth Montpas, Life Coach
Sunday, April 18th:
"How Not to Screw Up Your Kids After Divorce" with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, Clinical Psychologist & Author
Monday, April 19th:
"Having a Truly Child-Centered Divorce" with Susan Guthrie, Attorney & Mediator
Tuesday, April 20th:
"Lasting Impressions Last a Lifetime" with Paulette Rigo, Mediator, Divorce Coach & Author
Wednesday, April 21st:
"The Art of Setting and Upholding Boundaries During and After Divorce" with Karen McMahon, Divorce & Relationship Coach
Thursday, April 22nd:
"Building Your Co-parenting Skills through Mediation" with Lauren Hunt, Attorney & Mediator
Friday, April 23rd:
"Pandemic Co-Parenting 101 - And Thereafter" with Wendy Sterling, Founder The Divorce Rehab™, Divorce Coach & Divorce Recovery Specialist

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