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Boundaries Combo

Get both the Why Boundaries are Important and How to Create Them and How Your Fears Limit Your Ability to Set Boundaries Masterclasses

Boundaries are important to set TODAY so you are able to create the future you desire.  Without them we are living a dissonant life.  

Having non-negotiable boundaries become a part of your life will transform your world. While it might take time to figure out and incorporate them into your everyday routine if this is something you may not feel comfortable doing from the start, just know that developing these boundaries will benefit your present and future self.

What is a boundary?

  • Emotional AND physical space between you and another person
  • Demarcation where you end and the other person begins AND where you begin and the another ends
  • Clearly defined limit or line over which you will not let another cross 
  • Established set of limits over your physical and emotional well being which you expect others to respect
  • Emotional and physical space you get to have to be YOU vs who they want you to be or have known you to be

Creating and maintaining boundaries is one way to start creating the life you want!