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How to Find Healing by Tapping Into Spirituality & Your Higher Self w/Pamela Savino

"When you are completely aligned with who you know yourself to be, that's when you soar in life." -Wendy Sterling


How to Overcome the Emotional Challenges of Co-Parenting

"When you think about your co-parent as the father or mother of your children, rather than your ex, you’ll see them in a less emotionally-charged light." 

-Wendy Sterling


Beyond Survival: How to Thrive As You Heal From Your Divorce w/Renee Bauer

"At the end of the day, your divorce is only a blip on the map. Every moment in our lives leads up to our full story." -Renee Bauer


The Upper Limit Problem: Why Our Biggest Breakthroughs Are Preceded by Crushing Setbacks

"Our breakdowns are the rocket ships that enable us to get to our next level."  -Wendy Sterling



How to Stop Letting Past Betrayals Affect Your Future w/Dr. Debi Silber

"Telling your broken heart to “get over it” is never going to work. You have to choose to heal."  -Dr. Debi Silber 


How to Find Closure From Within 

"Part of the closure piece is finding who you are, and doing it on your own terms." -Wendy Sterling  


7 Things That Keep Women From Thriving Financially Post-Divorce w/Rhonda Noordyk, CFEI, CDFA®, Founder & CEO

"The reason women feel like they don’t have confidence with finances and negotiating is not that we aren’t capable. We just haven’t had the opportunity to get skills in that area."  -Rhonda Noordyk 


5 Steps to Shift Out of a Divorce Victim Mentality & Find the Silver Lining

Being a victim keeps you in the past and looking in the rearview mirror. Allow yourself to be free of the past, and move into the next chapter with grace. -Wendy Sterling


Celebrate Your Strength & Your Future With a Divorce Ring w/Sara Duchovnay

"When so many of us come out of unhappy marriages, we’re having to relearn how to love ourselves. A divorce ring reminds us of our power." -Sara Duchovnay


Vulnerability: Why We Need to Embrace Emotional Exposure

"Vulnerability gives us a more fulfilling and richer life versus the pain of suppressing our emotions." -Wendy Sterling


The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go & Conquering Our Limiting Beliefs w/Jill Sherer Murray

"When you do hard things, it’s only natural to have moments of regret and moments of questioning. You’re in deep dark denial if you never have those moments." -Jill Sherer Murray 


How to Choose Inner Peace When Your World is Rocked by Upheaval  

"When you say yes to peace, you’re saying no to what disrupts it."  -Wendy Sterling  


5 Steps to Rediscovering Yourself After Divorce w/Veronika Archer

"When you’ve given up so much of yourself in your relationship, it’s hard to even know who you are."  -Veronika Archer 


Faith & Divorce: How Surrender Heals Us

"Faith is knowing the solution is already chosen for you and you will be guided to it at the right moment."  -Wendy Sterling


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