We help women who are having trouble moving forward and tired of feeling stuck, pain, fear, resentment, anger and guilt to find self-worth, freedom, joy and peace.


The right combination of accountability, tough love and bold coaching.

Our friends and family mean well and they keep us stuck.

While I will be your biggest supporter and cheerleader, I will also tell you the things I know you need to hear in order to move you forward in your healing to create a life you don't believe is possible.  

The Divorce Rehab™ is the FIRST and ONLY global divorce recovery program that uses real life experiences combined with proven coaching techniques to see a life you never imagined possible.

Together, we will:

R.  Rediscover Your Identity

E.  End Your Victim Mindset & Pity Party

H.  Heal Your Wounds & Mourn Your Losses

A.  Accept Your Life & Forgive . . . Yourself

B.  Build The Foundation of Your New Life

The Divorce Rehab™ Programs

Learn to understand what you truly want, what is holding you back, and how to bring your BEST, BAD ASS self to life.

The Divorce Rehab™ 1:1 Private Mentorship

Are you looking for private coaching with Wendy?  Do you want to move forward more quickly with 24/7 accountability, tough love and empathy from Wendy?   This is the option for you!


The Divorce Rehab™ Group Coaching Academy

Are you looking for community and learning from others?  Do you want an online program PLUS 24/7 accountability from my team?  Do you want monthly calls to keep you on track?  This is the option for you!


The Divorce Rehab™ Visioning Academy

Once you've completed phase 1 of The Divorce Rehab™ Academy, you are ready to step into ACTION and implement your VISION!  Join me and all of the experts who helped me move into my next best life!  


ThetaHealing & Manifesting

Do you use energy healing and yet still feel connected to your ex?  This is an option for you!  ThetaHealing is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improvement in mind, body and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is.

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