"I began working with Wendy shortly after my husband decided he wanted a divorce. I am a stay at home mom with 3 children and he is a very successful businessman. I had so many emotions and was completely overwhelmed. Wendy and I worked together to breakdown my fears and prioritize how to tackle each one. She has helped me see my self worth and I am taking control of my life and this process. I have a long road ahead of me but I know who I am and am rebuilding myself into someone I am truly proud of. I am so grateful that our paths crossed when they did!"

Interior Designer & Separated Mom of 3

""Thank you so much for this Facebook group and workshop. I can't even tell you how much it has helped even just being day 2. It has ignited a fire in me and I have even started communicating with my ex in a way that I have control of my own feelings and thoughts.. my wants and my needs and he's trying to manipulate his way back in and not being successful.""

Shannon C.
Stay at home mom, Divorced Mom of 2

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful workshop. It was a powerful session that left me with new thoughts and tools to move forward. This is the kind of stuff I truly believe is priceless right now. I look forward to more workshops with you!"

Kimberly C.
Stay at home mom, Divorced Mom of 2

"After being separated from my husband of 23 years and being a mom of 3 teen boys who also were grieving of the loss of our family unit, I was sad and grieving the fact that my husband lived a double life. He left for his mistress and turned our lives upside down, financially. I went through the stages of grief/loss and had a great support system of family and friends. But that started to fade around the 8 month mark. I soon realized that this was my own journey to get through. I got stronger, but still felt a lot of fear and sadness after a year of this process. Most days I felt stuck, frozen and paralyzed, which stopped me from moving forward with the discovery process. I allowed fear to take over my thoughts. One day on Facebook an article Wendy Sterling wrote appeared in my feed. I clicked on it and also joined her Divorce 2.0 group. I am so happy I did! I immediately felt a strong connection to her and her coaching style. Her “ Sass with a lot of Class," no nonsense, no enabling-style is exactly what I need! I joined her Divorce Rehab Group coaching course and it really made a positive impact on my mindset. Her Facebook Lives as well as her 1:1 video coaching sessions impacted not only me, but everyone in the group. I had many “Light Bulb” moments and breakthroughs that have helped me to tackle fear and insecurity head on! After experiencing the Divorce Rehab Session, my outlook and thoughts have turned from scared to accepting, hopeful and more positive. I plan on continuing with one on one coaching with Wendy going forward and I am looking forward to creating the most authentic and happiest 2nd Chapter of my life."

Owner of Muddy Waters, Divorced Mom of 3

"I just had my very first coaching conversation with Wendy. She listened and very quickly pinpointed something I said in our conversation about what might be holding me back from having the relationship I want. It was something relatively simple for an outsider to view, but something that was easy for me to overlook, thereby keeping myself stuck. She suggested an exercise that really felt powerful and allowed me to make an immediate shift. I look forward to using that tool now to help me get where I want to go. What makes Wendy a great coach is her ability to precisely tap into comments you make and identify patterns, and then offer examples that will allow you to look at things from a different perspective. I am excited to continue my work with Wendy and see how I continue to grow."


"Wendy…where do I begin? Well, first of all, thank you for a wonderful workshop!! You truly have the gift intuition and empowerment of others. I had another aha moment in your session. And, I put my “sign” out into the world – I have seen it twice since we met! Unbelievable! It’s amazing the power we have when we put our intentions out into the world. Thanks again for helping me realize this!”"

Divorced Mom Of 2

"While looking for a coach to help me through transition, I found Wendy. She was the magical spark I needed to help me get unstuck. As she continues to help me ignite the fire I have within, I am most thankful for her professionalism, acknowledgments, the action words and poise she carries. She is a great coach. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone in need of some action in their life. Thank you Wendy! You are awesome!” "

Divorced Mom Of 2 & Life Coach

"Prior to working with Wendy, I felt fairly overwhelmed with life and my career, including the process to take on a new challenge. Taking on a new challenges meant stepping out of my comfort zone, learning new skills, all while staying balanced. Wendy’s coaching taught me how to navigate road blocks and take on new challenges with positivity and confidence. I used to think it was shameful to feel confident, or even proud of my accomplishments. Wendy coached me to feel confident with being confident, how to approach challenges with a new perspective, and to develop a process to manage multiple situations, whether they are big or small. With Wendy’s coaching, I know life’s challenges won’t disappear. However, I have the skills and confidence to navigate both negative and positive times with a clear direction to manage life decisions with productivity and balance."

Marketing Executive

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